The Urbix SMART System


The Urbix SMART system combines the most up-to-date science and technology with cutting-edge data analytics and AI to provide a uniquely actionable depth of insight that will drive efficiencies and increase profitability across your business.

Smart: Dynamic Price Optimisation

Maximise your profitability on every product in each store

Smarter shoppers with access to pricing data across channels, means that maximising profitability on every product has become a complex science.

  • AI-driven product optimisation
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Location-centric pricing strategy

SMART: Store Performance Management

  • Smart KPI analysis and management
  • Non-linear, bespoke, objective, per-store benchmarking
  • Contextualised performance ranking
  • Prescriptive performance improvement engine
  • AI-driven Predictive Performance analytics
  • AI-driven sales forecasting
  • Smart demand analysis
  • Location-centric forecasting
  • See exception-driven impact per site
  • Accurately plan inventory

SMART: Site Selection

  • Forensic, contextualised, 360° demographic analysis
  • AI-driven predictive demographic analysis
  • Multi-site optimal location planning
  • Road network analytics
  • Instant report generation