About Us

About Us

Creating efficient cities is a science not an art

Our Product is true GovTech innovation

URBIX can transform the government decision making process.

Our platform-as-a-service is designed to integrate and work in conjunction with a broad range of data sources, through APIs to existing sources, input from smart cities and manual upload.

Local authorities, corporations, NGOs and citizens can access and interact with data across hundreds of variables without touching raw data or excel sheets.


A Dashboard for municipal reporting

Understanding the key drivers behind local performance in a clean, consistent, visual interface is often a challenge for LAs. URBIX provides an intuitive, sharable reporting platform, to drive effective performance and KPI measurement

Platform Development

Systemic Impact

Our technology does not just save time or cost, it has a large systemic impact on the decision making process and government planning as a whole.


Pricing & Packages

URBIX will be available in several packages, to local authorities, central government, economic planners, think tanks and corporations. Our aim is to evolve a simple and transparent pricing formula that fits in with government procurement policies, whilst also allowing the business to scale and develop unhindered.

A Growing Problem

Our product is launched into a large market with the backing of several tailwinds.

  • 353 UK Local Authorities
  • 53% of local government ICT spend producured from SMEs in 2017
  • £20bn UK GovTech market expected value by 2025