Data Deluge

Data is being generated quicker than analysts can handle it, making it increasingly hard to garner meaningful insights.


Data Wrangling

The process of generating insights from raw data is still manual, cumbersome, resource heavy, slow and expensive.


Fundamentally Flawed?

Extensive scientific research proves that comparing cities to generate insights is a fundamentally flawed approach which will inevitably result misleading conclusions and inappropriate action.


The Urbix Solution

We have developed mathematical models which account for the non-linearity of cities and generate bespoke, personalised, Urbix benchmarks for each and every municipality and for each and every indicator. These models have been built into our Urbix City Management platform which pulls in data from all available repositories, sorts the data, cleans it, processes it, analyses it and visualises it.

Users of our platform will have instant access to all their relevant data intuitively visualised without having to touch an excel document. The platform generates fully contextualised, accurate insights. All at the touch of a button.

The Urbix Platform solves all three problems!!